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Hi Tony,


Thank you very much for organizing our Las Vegas girls night out! It was a lot of fun although next time we might choose something less wild :-) Happy Birthday to me!

...I will definitely put a great review on TRENZ Las Vegas and if we ever get back for some special occasion, you will be the one to contact first!

I would also like to ask you to send me some of the pics taken at Olympic Gardens that night, since our pics didn´t turn out well and we would LOVE to have some for reminding of a great night out :-)

Thank you again and wish you best luck!


Zuzana P. ~ Los Altos, CA

Trenz Las Vegas Customer Review Zuzana P

Hi Tony and Trenz,


On a scale of 1-10 we give you and TRENZ Las Vegas an 11. We had such an amazing time!!!  Thank you for all of your patience, my million phone calls, and for customizing this party to exactly what we wanted. 

Everyone had an amazing time on the LaBare Booty Cruise and we'll have the greatest stories etched in our memories for years to come.

Thank you for making this a memorable event that exceeded everyone's expectations.  I will be recommending Trenz to all my friends and family and the other girls as well:)

Thanks again,

Sylvia P. ~ San Diego, CA

Trenz Las Vegas Customer Review Sylvia P

Tony we had an awesome time brother!


Fantastic Bachelor party! Appreciate all of the good stuff!!!

PURE Bottles, Limos, and Hustler rocked!


Thanks. Peace.

Saswat P. ~ Dallas, TX

Trenz Las Vegas Customer Review Saswat P

Uh.... no words Tony :)  It was awesome!


Thanks very much! You really came through and I will for sure recommend TRENZ Las Vegas to anyone who asks!  


Stacy and Terra think we should pretend to be a bachelorette every few months just so we can do The Lollipop Lounge again... I am not as sure as them :) It was crazy fun!

Anyway again, thank you! If you run into any other photos from Karen let me know I would love to see any group pics that may service!

Tosca S. ~ St Louis, MO

Trenz Las Vegas Customer Review Tosca

OMG Tony -


Can't even begin to describe the night we had and how awesome it was, mostly because I am quite hungover and words are not easy to come by right now.


I will say the bachelorette party was absolutely epic and we couldn't have been happier with the outcome. Audra loved it!

Thanks for making me look like even more of a rockstar to my friends!

Ashley C. ~ Forest Hills, New York

Trenz Las Vegas Customer Review Ashley C

Thank you Tony for making our night amazing!

We all had such a great time! You made everything possible for us and made the process so smooth!

As the Bachelorette party planner, I want to THANK YOU so much for making my job so much easier! I really appreciate EVERYTHING! I was stressed free knowing I had you!

I rate your service 10+++++++++! You were outstanding and took care of us A-Z! I couldn't ask for more!

Thank you so much,

Thuy P. ~ Orange County, CA

Trenz Las Vegas Customer Review Thuy P

TRENZ Las Vegas and Tony,

The girls and I absolutely had a blast on our Lollipop Lounge Male Stripper Cruise!!

Diego and Kaleb made the night one for the record books. One of the craziest nights ever but in a good way.


I can't thank you enough for everything you did to make my sister's bachelorette party special.

Without a doubt on a scale from 1 to 10 I would give you a 12!!!!

Lana W. ~ Los Angeles, CA

Trenz Las Vegas Customer Review Lana W

TRENZ Las Vegas thank you so much for planning our girls night out.


The Bachelorette Party was Awesome!!


Palomino was a WOW! On a scale from 1-10, I definitely rate your service a 10!!

see you next time...

Jacquelyn L. ~ Pocatello, ID

Trenz Las Vegas Customer Review Jacquelyn L

Tony - So by the time you caught up to us, I was pretty much a s*** show...but I wanted to say THANK YOU for putting the bachelorette party night together so perfectly for us. Everything went so smoothly.

Everything is quite a blur but I do know that we had a great time. Our VIP Host Karen was amazing and I can't thank you guys enough.

Talk to you at the next las vegas bachelorette party planning session

:) xoxo,

Becky M. ~ Vancouver, WA

Trenz Las Vegas Customer Review Becky M

Hello Tony,


Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend in Vegas. Dani loved it. We all had a great time at the bachelorette party. We loved how we got to meet you, and our host Karen was so sweet and nice.

I really enjoyed your party planning services. You can count on us working with you again!!! On a scale 1-10 def a 10!!!


Thank you again,

Dawn C. ~ Cortez, Colorado

Trenz Las Vegas Customer Review Dawn C

Trenz Las Vegas and Tony,

You guys were great. You went out of your way to answer all my bachelorette party planning questions and help in any way possible.


Our Vegas trip was a huge success. Thank you for making my job as the Maid of Honor look so easy!

PS: I found my credit card later that night. It was in my bra! Don't ask!!! LOL

Thank you!

Amelia S. ~ Bakersfield, CA

Trenz Las Vegas Customer Review Amelia S

Tony & Karen,

I want to thank you for everything last night. We had a wonderful time. I appreciate all of your help in making my bachelorette party so much fun!

We had such an amazing Bachelorette Party weekend. Thank you so much for a memorable time. It was so much fun! I will never forget it.

Thank you,

Elizabeth M. ~ Los Angeles, CA

Trenz Las Vegas Customer Review Elizabeth M